Weekend Retreat May 2 & 3, 2015



Since I’ve been keeping track of our great country, our national health has only gotten worse since 1978. Even with all of the billions per year spent on research we suffer from more heart disease, more cancer, and more diabetes. What if we stopped blaming doctors, hospitals, the media, big Pharma, big Agro, and the government for the decline of our health and started taking it into our own hands? My plan is to take personal responsibility for my family’s health. That means educating my family on how to feed our bodies, minds, and hearts. That means nourishing our energy breathing, meditation, and internal exercises.

This can actually happen overnight. Once you disconnect from electronic stimulation and reconnect to Nature amazing things happen in just 24 hours!

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This 2 day transformational retreat:

  • The first afternoon we start with an evaluation of what you want to get out of your experience. We look at the self-destructive behaviors and self-imposed limitations of 3 Demons, 3 poisons, 4 Heart Hurts, 6 Energy Thieves, and 7 Deadly Emotions for each of the 5 Transformations. We look at toxins in the soil, water, air and food and take you through the digestive process as we explore the on site green houses. We then look at the various ways to eliminate and reverse these conditioned behaviors.
  • Dinner is Vegetarian Healthy prepared by Gourmet chef Trina, graduate of Le Cordon Bleu.
  • After dinner we will have drumming and dancing with Qi Dance.
  • 11:00 pm lights out is preceded by a step by step Dream Programing exercise.
  • The following morning we participate in a guided Medical Qigong flow exercise and take a nature walk to explore the beautiful, unspoiled property.

The follow up to each weekend retreat is either a full week retreat or three 3hr weekly meeting with program guides ($249)


Gourmet Vegetarian Food
Sweat Lodge and Fire Drum Dancing each night
Emotional Enema
Tibetan Dream Programming
Emotional Release QiGong
5 Animal Qi Dance

Our premise is your Operating System (OS) is defined by childhood programming (ChP) and your Perceptions. Attitude plus Perspective define your Perceptions. We will discuss ways to transform your OS into Unconditional Love of Self to change self-destructive behaviors and automatic negative thinking. We will get to know each other’s Story and learn the differences between Reflection, Attraction and Projection.


Weekend Retreat early bird $99, until April 12 Reg. Price $139
Van Transportation Option from south Florida $40 R/T
Contact Trina at Health & Wellness Farms 954-849-5194 for Yurt Accommodations – $59 retreat rate. Reg. rate $75
3 Gourmet Vegetarian Meals – $60

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Shanzhong – Cultivating True Power
5/02/15 Saturday 12 Noon – Sunday 5/03/15

1. 12 – 1pm Lunch and check in
2. 1 – 2pm Choosing Awareness – ID of Emotional issues to create set up statement
3. 2 – 3pm Acupressure Tapping – to break neural patterns of awareness
4. 3-4 pm 6 Healing Sounds/Purification – to dredge stagnation
5. 4 – 5:30 pm Emotional Enema
6. 5:30-7 pm Dinner
7. 7-8 pm Drumming & Emotional Release Dancing 5 Animals
8. 8-11 pm Sweat Lodge
9. 10 pm-6 am Sleep

1. 6 am wake-up
2. 6:40 – 7:10 Meditation
3. 7:10 – 830 am – Qigong Exercises #2- 7 to balance emotional flow
4. 8:30-10 am Breakfast – Projection, Reflection & Attractions
5. 10 – 11am Green Tara Mantra & 5 Tones
6. 11 am – 12 pm Dream programming
7. 12- 2 pm – Review of Unconditional Love Tools
8. 2-3 – Closing Circle
9. Travel home

On the ride back we will process what you have learned. You have the option to continue processing with two 2 hr weekly follow ups starting Monday one week after your retreat

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