Health and Wellness Farms Retreat

Free your M.I.N.D. to M.E.N.D. your S.O.U.L.

​​Health & Wellness Farms is located on over 50 acres of untamed land, adjacent to the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida.

Dedicated to cultivating homegrown alternative therapies for the mind, body and spirit; Health & Wellness Farms is the result of a life long dream of Keith and Trina Spillman.

Visitors to the farm experience first hand their unique, holistic approach to health and wellness, in an off-the-grid environment where nutrition meets nature, and flourishes.

Through their completely natural approach to growing micro-greens, herbs, botanicals, and specialty produce; as well as their unique access to workshops and retreats set amidst luxury yurts in the woods, Health & Wellness Farms strives to provide nourishment for the mind, body and spirit.

Whether you’re attending a retreat, re-connecting with nature while staying in the comfort of a luxury yurt, enjoying real food, lovingly grown and prepared onsite, or planning your special event; Health & Wellness farms will forever leave its imprint on your heart and mind.

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Sunrise Qi Gong


Micro Cosmic Orbit at Sunrise


Qi Gong




Inside view of 20ft. yurt


Interior of yurt



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